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Rock Glazes Unearthed is intended as a guide to help those who wish to understand how to develop their own glazes from rocks, clays and ashes that they have collected. It introduces glaze theory and geology for potters, and includes practical sections on designing, developing, and understanding glaze tests.

"Pitched at a great level, accessible without being patronising or scrimping on important details. Very highly recommend a copy."

The book is arranged in two parts. The first introduces glaze theory and geology and explains how the two are related. Common glaze materials are discussed, along with how they need to be combined to produce different types of glazes. There is a wealth of practical information about material and equipment preparation, temperature and heat work measurement in kilns, and different testing techniques.

The second section concentrates on practical glaze testing, offering two different approaches: Empirical and Scientific. Empirical testing is that which is based on observation and experience. It is practical and results driven, rather than scientific, ideal for those without a science background. The Scientific approach is based on the Seger formula, which is explained earlier in the book, and uses glaze calculation software in the design and calculation of tests.

The results from glaze tests provided in both sections are illustrated in 16 colour pages along with glaze examples. There is a chapter explaining how to produce glazes that are suitable for woodfiring and a section on common glaze faults. 

This is an unashamedly practical book that aims to explain glazes in a straightforward and comprehensible way, offering an understanding that would be useful to any potter using them. The introduction to geology gives insight into what common glaze materials actually are and where they come from. Various testing methods, from substitution tests, lineblends, biaxial and triaxial blends are explained, which are useful for testing any type of glaze. The book then focuses on developing glazes from collected rocks and wood ashes, explaining the reasoning behind the design of tests, likely results and ideas on how to develop further tests. 

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