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Haguro Stone Bowl


This bowl was made using dark Kasama clay (from the town next to Mashiko) and glazed using the Haguro stone, local to Mashiko. It was fired in the wood kiln at the Mashiko Museum, in the heart of Mashiko.

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This pot was made during my residency at the Mashiko Museum in Japan. While there I collected and tested many local clays and rocks to make pieces for a woodfiring in the Museum kiln. Luckily for me, the firing was a success and the larger pieces I made were acquired by the Museum for their permanent collection. I brought a number of pots home with me, intending to have an exhibition. Unfortunately covid put paid to that, so I have decided to show them on my website.

They are all made using clays from mashiko, nearby Kasama and Shigaraki (for the hottest part of the kiln). The glazes are made using a variety of local rocks, including the white Inada stone, Oya stone (which is used as back up kiln insulation), Haguro stone ( a fine quality granite) and Mukabe stone (another granite).

They were fired in a 2 day wood firing.

Dimensions13.5 × 13 × 6 cm


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